Car Board Automobile Signage & Advertising

Car Board Provides a Superior and More Versatile Solution to Car Flags and Other Automobile Signage

The Car Board utilizes a strong magnet system to securely and instantly be placed anywhere on a vehicle.

Car flags and decals have long been popular with sports fans and others with an enthusiastic message they're eager to share with the world. However, flags either get blown around by the wind, becoming illegible, or stagnate and lay flat, also becoming invisible to onlookers. Not only that, but they can only be placed in a few spots on a vehicle.

Currently in development with product development company Vallmar Studios, the Car Board, is a magnet-secured car signage system that solves all of these problems. The strong magnet allows the Car Board to be placed anywhere on a vehicle, offering greater convenience and flexibility. Whether the car is parked or zooming down the highway, the rigid board will properly display the logo or desired image under all conditions.

Best of all, the internal art board can be easily inserted and removed. That means that during the week, someone could showcase their business's name, logo and contact information, while on the weekend, that insert is replaced with one showcasing his favorite team en route to tailgating and fun at the stadium. Or keep a lineup of boards for all of the teams that are supported by the family and rotate them when each is playing.

car board closeupInventor Michael Gemma came up with the Car Board as a solution for inferior sports team flags. Time and again, he would see a flag attached to a car, but couldn't see anything else beyond this, so the message was lost to all but the people inside the vehicle.

The Car Board can also be used for much more than sports teams. It can be used for business advertisement, product promotion and much more.

New Magnetic Vehicle Signage!

Plastic Panel displays Logo or Message! 

Great for Promo Use and Sports Teams!